I’m LaTosha Stanfield . Certified tax preparer

LaTosha Stanfield is a certified tax preparer. She offers a wide array of accounting services that range from managing company book of accounts, planning, business valuations, international taxes, domestic taxes, among other aspects of corporate and individual accounts. LaTosha is so good at her job that her business, Stanfield’s Max Tax Refund, won a $10k grant from Beyoncé and the NAACP.  Her success as a tax professional has a lot to do with her passion for accounting and academic background. LaTosha has pursued tax accounting at multiple institutions, including Willey College in Marshall Texas, El Centro College in Dallas, Texas, Central Texas College, Texas State Technical College in Marshall, Texas.  Other colleges where she has learned valuable skills are Colorado Technical University, Vista College in Longview, and Kaplan University. To get to where she is today as a certified tax preparer has been nothing but passion and hard work. Like most successful entrepreneurs, she started her business at home and only expanded to a rented office as her clientele grew. Besides running a successful tax consultancy business, LaTosha is also in the hair business. She runs a successful dreadlocks hair care business called Nubian rRoyalty.  Aside from running two successful companies, LaTosha is also a mother and a proud one at that. She has there 3 children, one of them already making an impact in the music industry as a rapper, while the other two are minors still under her regular care. Besides being a mother, LaTosha finds joy in helping people with tax and credit issues get their lives back together. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, she has helped many small businesses get the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) despite having bad credit. It makes her happy knowing that her consultancy services have been a lifeline for such businesses. She has also helped many gain easy access to the Paycheck Protection Program and weather the worst part of the storm with ease. She is simply a strong woman, willing to go the extra step to ensure that small businesses, especially those owned by people of color, are empowered to thrive.