LaTosha Stanfield

LaTosha Stanfield is a certified tax preparer.

, LaTosha is also in the hair business. She runs a successful dreadlocks hair care business called Nubian rRoyalty. 

About Me

I’mLaTosha Stanfield.
a certified tax preparer

LaTosha Stanfield is a certified tax accounting expert. She has always been passionate about accounting and spent her earlier years learning and acquiring relevant skills to make it in the field. She then created her company, Stanfield’s Max Tax Refund, which offers tax accounting services for both individuals and corporates.

Her company also provides domestic and international taxes consultancy, and business valuations.  So good is her company that it has won a grant of $10k from Beyoncé and the NCCP. LaTosha’s beginnings are pretty humble. She started her company from her home, grew it gradually, and only rented an office after significant customer-numbers growth.  LaTosha’s success has a lot to do with her skillsets.  Before venturing out, she pursued the necessary skills from several reputable institutions: Willey College in Marshall Texas, El Centro College in Dallas Texas, Central Texas College, and Texas State Technical College in Marshall Texas. She has also received training on various accounting courses from Colorado Technical University, Vista College in Longview, and Kaplan University. She credits her success to her passion and hard work, which she has had throughout her career. LaTosha also owns and runs a hair care products and services business that caters to customers with dreadlocks. Aside from her work, she loves to spend time with her three children. Two of her children are still under her care, while her eldest has already created a successful musical career for himself. Her passion for helping out community members has seen her put her skills to use, especially now when Covid-19 has negatively affected livelihoods. LaTosha offers free tax accounting services and has helped numerous small businesses secure the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and the PPP. Offering her skills to assist these businesses has been her way of giving back to her community. She finds joy in helping businesses owned by people of color to succeed.